Unitag - My New Favorite QR Code Generator

QR Code generators abound, but the Unitag QR Code generator stands out for solving my problem of keeping track of multiple QR codes for different resources.  I have blogs for each grade level and a newsletter with QR codes for all my communication channels.  Unitag lets me embed a small picture (logo) in the center to easily identify which one belongs to which site.  And, it's free!  Here's my new QR code for this blog:

Unitag also offers some unique uses for QR codes.  In addition to the standard links to web sites, images, text, or phones, Unitag QR codes can generate emails, connections to wireless networks, add events to your calendar, and provide geolocation.  There are so many possibilities that I can't wait to get started.  

Meanwhile, I still appreciate the Kaywa Code Generator for letting me create free, dynamic QR codes.  That allows me to leave one QR code up on the whiteboard or bulletin board.  Then, I only have to change the link to match the assignment or announcement.  For the record, Unitag offers this feature too, but it's not free.


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